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Book Review: The Garden Primer by Barbara Damrosch

Not everyone is born a farmer or a gardener but it is a skill that is worth learning for everyone. Still, lots of people find themselves intimidated when first starting out. It seems like there’s a lot to know about gardening in general, and even more so when talking about organic methods. It’s not nearly so complicated once you dig in but arming yourself with a little knowledge first definitely doesn’t hurt. This book is one of the first I looked to for that purpose and though it isn’t my favorite by any means,  I still recommend it to friends often enough that I would like to share it with you all.
I would say that this book contains a fairly good overview of everything gardening has to offer and is definitely a good place to start for some basic information. It is by no means all encompassing, but I found it lacking in part by the attempt it made at being broad.It covers a lot of different topics. A great deal of topics on gardening were mentioned but because it had such a broad focus, specific information was kept to a minimum. Luckily, there are many more  resources mentioned in the book’s appendix and these will lead to more specific information on topics of interest.
I picked up a few things here and there from the book.. I especially liked the sections on specific crops which contained tips for how to sow, grow and harvest them. I also liked that it focused not only on vegetable gardening but on trees, shrubs, flowers, and even your basic lawn.

The main thing I didn’t like is this book assumes you are a homeowner who can do what you wish with your yard for gardening space. It very briefly touches on container gardening and small space gardening but they are mere paragraphs with little to no information on the topic other than an obligatory mention.( There are much better books out there for these topics which I hope to review later on 🙂 )

In the end, the book achieved it’s aim: It’s a garden primer. It goes over the basics with you so that you might feel confident in giving at least some aspect of gardening a try. It’s and interesting book to read before starting your first garden. If you’re already gardening, it probably won’t tell you a lot you don’t know but you still may pick up some tips and tricks here and there and its a good book to recommend to the newbies who you’d like to share your passion with. Overall, it was interesting enough and a good resource of information, worthy of its place on my reference shelf.


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