How Dare You Question Vaccines?!

IMG_1832.JPGA surefire way to bring out the worst in any parenting forum on the internet is to start talking about vaccines. There are anti-vaxers whose rhetoric is more conspiracy theory than logic. Some of them really are just plain nuts. But they are not the worst of the group by any means.You see, there are the others-those with questions and concerns, those who want to see the research for themselves, those who want to know contraindications or discuss a modified schedule with their doctors. But gods help them for asking. As soon as they do they get  a large population of Nazi mommies foaming at the mouth, telling them how wrong they are for even thinking twice about anything   when it comes to vaccines. Just bringing it up at all makes you suddenly the scum of the earth. And why not? The media certainly supports that rhetoric. I recall the past season of American Horror story where an unvaccinated boy with measles becomes the progenitor of a gang of evil supermeasel ridden vampire kids. Nice. But did you know you can question things about vaccines and not be totally against them? Some people seem to forget that.

There are plenty of people who understand the benifit of vaccinating for highly communicable diseases when the vaccines have been around long enough to be proven safe and effective as most have……..BUT….when they have reservation about the proposed vaccine schedule, or specific vaccines that are questionable in their effectiveness or newer, or wonder if they can’t wait to get their child vacinated for things like HPV which is not likely for most infants to come into contact with and they’re not going to be spreading since they don’t, these are legitimate concerns, and the trend is to shut these people down by turning it into a straw man fallacy. The typical response seems to be “You DO know vaccines don’t cause autism, right? You anti vaxers are as crazy as you are stupid and selfish” And I’m just like…..Wait…….did I even say I was anti vaccine……..

I think this is because our society (especially in the context of social media) has such a tendency towards polarity. People seem to think of things these days as either/or, for or against, without room for modifiers or opinions that don’t fall on one extreme of the spectrum or the other. If you don’t totally agree with someone about something, people start getting just plain  defensive real quick and assume that you must be 100% against them.

This is a terrible attitude when it comes to things like vaccines and other medications. Should we simply accept any pharmaceuticals  a doctor pushes on us without question just because we are told to take them? Should we simply accept it as safe because it’s on the market and forget that mistakes have been made before? How many lawsuits exist over harmful medications or side effects? Are vaccines somehow immune to this ever happening?

You should Always be allowed to question. You should Always be an informed consumer and make your own decisions. That is not stupid. That is not selfish. That should not get you verbally attacked.

I am not personally against vaccinations but I look at vaccines like I look at EVERYTHING: with a critical eye. The mommy Gestapo may not be comfortable with that and may assume things about me that are completely false but my health and safety and that of my children are far more important to me. All I ask, is that you take the time to understand someone’s viewpoint before you start assuming things and attacking them. When you’re the one with a question or an unpopular opinion, wouldn’t you want the same?




10 thoughts on “How Dare You Question Vaccines?!

  1. I have been researching the shingles vaccine. I’ve had chicken pox twice and the thought of shingles is scary. In doing my research I found it contains the weakened chicken pox virus. Not ready to be injected yet and take the risk. Will do more research. Unfortunately, many of my generation took whatever the Doctor said without question. No more!

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  2. So well put!!! Couldn’t agree more! And while vaccine topics are what’s making people go nuts, as someone going through IVF I’m always amazed to see how many people simply accept whatever the doctor wants to give them no matter how many times it negatively affects their own bodies. We’ve been taught never to question doctors as if they are omniscient, when they are human too and their knowledge bases can vary so widely. At my second Fertility clinic because the first one after five failures including a miscarriage didn’t think that anything needed to be changed or tested in my protocol to see why this was happening. Now I’m at the second Clinic where the doctor is trying to insist I take antibiotics at the beginning of the cycle which has clearly been shown to give me massive yeast infections that regular medications don’t get rid of ( and are the last things you need to have going on in your body when your trying to get pregnant and stay pregnant). Antibiotics clear your body of a lot of the good flora in your gut, which is why many people get yeast infections after taking them, yet even knowing this he still wanted to put me on them again, and I’m to the point now where I’m tired of arguing and I’ve contemplated just pretending that I’m going to go pick up the prescription and not do it. But so many in the infertility community will actually yell at you on the forums and say you need to do whatever the doctor tells you because they’re the experts… while all the while $30,000 and 5 tries into this I’m no closer.

    Honey I’m not trying to hijack the vaccinations conversation it just reminded me of the overall philosophy of never questioning doctors, and people going on a witch hunt for people who do. If we don’t question conventional wisdom there’s no chance that it will get better.


    1. No I totally get it! It’s amazing how bullheaded people can be on the internet in places one may try to go to for support or advice. But really, even if they feel someone is wrong or going about something the wrong way, they should realize that resorting to hateful tones and name calling isn’t going to change anyone’s mind. I wish you the best of luck in your fertility treatments.

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  3. First, thank you for following my blog. I really appreciate it and it gave me the chance to find you. This is a really good post you made. Wow I thoroughly believe that children need to be vaccinated, and when those people that refuse to be vaccinated for the flu… Go figure


    1. I think a lot of the concern is because of corporate greed in America pushing pharmaceuticals without regard to people’s health, but just looking to make money. This has been shown in the dramatic increase in cost that we have seen recently on Epipens for example. This greed shows a basic disregard for people and their medical needs and makes many mistrust the medical field as a whole. If things weren’t like that, perhaps more people would be willing to trust in the vaccines. Thanks for your comment and I enjoy your blog as well.

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  4. Hey peep my blog,

    I use peer review, scientific journals to take a look at vaccines from an objective position then come to a conclusion on said evidence. Let me know what you think. Thanks 🙂




  5. I liked your blog on vaccines and the controversy that surrounds them. There is a lot of controversy and people do tend to heat up. After my fifth child had a bad reaction to a vaccine I began reading. Funny thing too, after my call to my baby’s doctor, telling him the symptoms, and him telling me it was perfectly normal, I got a book in the mail, anonymously, about vaccines that started me on the trail to learning more. After reading several books from the library about vaccines I found one in particular that was heads above the rest,

    Vaccination 100 Years of Orthodox Research by Vera Scheibner

    written by a woman who used all the medical journal reports to back everything she said up. I found the one book with the research right there. I had to be on a waiting list for a library in another state to send it to me. That was almost 20 years ago.

    After my first 5 kids who had all their recommended shots, I quit giving vaccines to the next four after learning more. We did have a bout with whooping cough that three of the kids caught, which the kids did all right with fortunately, but we were eating very healthy food, and using herbs to treat the symptoms, along with the antibiotics we had to take while we were in quarantine at our home for a week. Yes, the health department got involved when the tests came back positive. It’s funny, the woman from the health department whom I spoke with on the phone said the vaccinated people who have whooping cough are the ones who pass it, because they have mild cases of whooping cough and don’t even realize it, and so go about their usual day out among the public.

    Anyway, just thought I would mention the book which I thought was the best in research. Each chapter speaks about a different vaccine. The woman who wrote it was one of the developers of baby monitors and when she began to see the correlation with babies who had the monitors light up showing the baby was having trouble breathing, she looked into when the babies had had their vaccines, and the results were indicating the babies were in distress a certain number of days after they had received the vaccines. Pretty interesting reading.


  6. I agree, people need to do their own research and make their own educated choices on what’s best for THEM. Everyone is different and modern medicine may work for many but that doesn’t mean everybody. We should always ask questions about what we put in our bodies and who is performing procedures.

    Coming from a healthcare profession filled family I generally trust a lot of the modern medicinal practices because, yes I’m bias. But I also believe in researching everything and anything my doctors want me to take or do to my body. Trust, but verify!

    Sometimes that means people have to find a different approach. But they should be looking for what will work for themselves. Sharing an experience is one thing, trying to force your decision on someone else because you had a certain experience is another. Go ahead and share, but let others decide what they need, just as you decided what you needed.

    I’m personally for vaccines. I believe as far as a large group is concerned they have great benefits and overall make a community healthier. But I also know there ARE side-effects and every one is different. Which means that there could be some people who react very badly to them and that some people literally cannot take them. I also accept that new vaccines that are tested as safe may still have unknown consequences in the future. I’m okay with that because for me and my family, we believe the benefits far outweigh the risks and have seen evidence of it in our own lives.

    I think people need to quit shaming each other for personal parenting choices. I have been shamed countless times by no-vaccine moms, it’s ridiculous! Yes, vaccines are proven to reduce disease but I’m not going to shame you if you don’t do something I believe is healthy for your child because you worry about the side-effects risk. That’s a valid concern! There are side-effects and unknowns. And if you aren’t okay with vaccines that’s your right.

    I ask for the same respect back though. Don’t berate me for doing what I believe is best for my child just because I am okay with those risks, because there are plenty of benefits for vaccinations too. And honestly, yeah it sucks when non-vaccinators want to break up herd immunity, but there will always be someone who genuinely can’t be vaccinated so who are we to say everyone must be. Besides, aren’t we all just trying to raise good healthy kids?

    When it comes to an argument about something like vaccines, we’re all trying to do what’s best for our own kids. I think it’d be far better for our children to learn that we can have different opinions on how to be healthy, can do different things to stay healthy, and can respect each others’ ways of keeping ourselves and our families healthy rather than to see parents shame each other just so they can feel like they are in the right. Because the question of how healthy vaccines are is still in the air, but shaming/bullying others is definitely not healthy for anyone anywhere.

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    1. Thanks for your thoughts. I agree that shaming other parents for their choices is not likely to make them change their minds. It will only lead to arguments that leave everyone frustrated and nobody happy. It’s good to know that there are still people who can make intelligent choices and share their findings without being pushy or condescending.

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