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Never Buy This Food Again


The other night we bought some green onions for our baked potatoes. We enjoy using green onions fairly frequently for omelettes, in soups, or on potatoes. They’re really not that expensive but did you know it’s totally easy to never have to buy them again? It’s true. You can use the same green onion batch again and again.

There are two easy ways to do this. The first is just to place the leftover bulbs in a glass of water and the greens will start to regrow. (It is recommended to change the water frequently too keep it from getting icky.) Other plants such as lemongrass and fennel can also be regrown using this method.

Personally though, I love my potted plants so I prefer to plant mine in dirt. They regrow there too of course and require even less attention after the major planting. Here are our green onions just two days after replanting:

image.jpegGive them a week and they’ll have grown back to full size. Whenever you want onion greens, simply snip some off with scissors, then leave them to grow back again.

It is very satisfying to know that this is one less thing we need to buy at a grocery store because we can produce it ourselves.

Learning about this has prompted me to learn about other vegetables that can be regrown at home. As it turns out, there are many!

Potatoes, lettuce, basil, celery, ginger, cilantro, and even pineapples (though from what I hear that last one is pretty tough) can be regrown from scrap!

In the near future, I hope to experiment with several of these and add them to my container gardens on my back patio.

What have you managed to regrow from kitchen scraps. If you have a good suggestion, you just might find me trying it on a future post!


One thought on “Never Buy This Food Again

  1. I didn’t grow anything directly like this while growing up, but every summer we’d sit outside on the patio swing and spit watermelon seeds out into the yard. So eventually some watermelon plants came up. 🙂


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