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How to Make a DIY Sensory Book for Kids


My latest Pinterest obsession is homemade felt books. You can find them on Pinterest and Etsy  as “busy books” or “quiet books” and they come in all sorts of super cute and creative varieties. Here are some examples of nice ones I’ve seen online.

This adorable Fall Leaves One

This very polished keepsake

This skill building book with activities for days

All of these are amazing! I’m not nearly so crafty but I really want to make one for my son’s first birthday so I figured I’d better get some practice. I made this texture exploration book for my preschool class. Its simple even for the wannabe crafters such as myself, and it met with excellent reviews of “That’s really awesome” and “Can you make us another one? Pleeeeeze?” from my class. Here’s how you can make one of your own.


  • Sheets of felt
  • sheets of foam
  • glue gun with hot glue
  • velcro
  •  Various scraps of visually and texturally interesting materials such as these:




1. The binding

create the basic shape of the book by cutting your felt pieces to the desired size. Stack them up together evenly and trim any excess felt that is uneven with the edges. Use hot glue to glue all the pages together at the edges. Cut another piece of felt to just over double size the pages. This is for your cover. Put hot glue on the spine of the pages you glued together and glue on the cover piece.

HELPFUL TIP: Do not use school glue! It will bleed through the felt and won’t even hold it together!

Notice the strap I created to hold the book closed? I hot glued a small strip of felt to the back cover. I attached it with  Velcro. The self adhesive backing of the Velcro wasn’t strong enough to keep it attached and I kept pulling up both parts every time I tried to open it so I used hot glue to better attach that as well.

2. The Title

I drew the letters with a pen on foam sheets and cut them out, then after figuring out where on the cover I wanted to place them, I hot glued them. I drew these freehand so they are a little raggedy looking but I think that it gives this project a little whimsical character. However, if you’re looking for a more polished look, you could always use a stencil for the letters or buy precut letters. A good craft store ought to have what you’re looking for.


3. The Pages

I cut the objects to a good size for the pages and used the glue gun to glue them in. I added labels to each object with adjectives describing the object’s appearance or texture such as “shiny” or “bumpy.” Cutting out each individual letter was tedious and time consuming so I opted instead for writing the word on a swatch of foam with permanent marker.


After that, the book was basically complete. I trimmed away excess felt and picked off excess glue after it cooled. Soon after, the book was complete and ready to be enjoyed by my class.


So easy and fun to make! I can’t wait to plan for and start working on my son’s book!


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