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Homemade Toys

We all want our children to have the best possible start in life, to grow and learn as human beings as they progress through childhood. For some parents that means sifting through the unending torrent of educational toys offered by stores and online. There all all kinds of apps and toys with flashy lights and electronic voices that their sellers promote as the latest and greatest way to educate our children, to help them get a head start academically. Are they? This is something for the discerning parent to decide for themselves if they are interested in such things.

However, not all of us can afford all these electronics and even those who can may not want to. As a parent and preschool teacher with a degree in child development, I can tell you that these toys aren’t necessary. In many cases simple and homemade toys are more beneficial.

Homemade toys can be as simple as letting your child explore household objects. Pots and pans with serving spoons have always been a favorite with my children. As infants they simply like the texture of the objects. As older babies and toddlers they like to experiment with making noise. Preschoolers and older children can use them for pretend play and eventually to help mom and dad with cooking projects. In the past my children have enjoyed playing with empty boxes, water bottles, and and wipe containers. Recently, I made a rattle for my son by putting a plastic library card in a washed out pepper tin.

With a little creativity all kinds of things can be made into toys. If you’re lacking inspiration just try searching homemade toys on Pinterest. That’s how I discovered my most recent homemade toy obsessions.

I plan on making Little man a felt busy book and an activity board for his birthday in December.

Heres some videos on super cool examples you can check out on YouTube.
Do you make homemade toys for your children? Please share what you’ve made or what household objects your little one likes playing with.



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