Summer Grilling


So here’s tonight’s dinner, ribs and chicken cooked and smoked on a wood fire grill with fresh cantaloupe. It gave us a chance to use some leftover meat from some other meals and was delicious and enjoyed by all!

Through the summer we like to use our grill out on the patio because

It doesn’t require electricity

It doesn’t heat up the house

It’s delicious

We also find it very easy to eat clean when we use our grill. Simple meats spiced and cooked to our liking and fresh fruits or vegetables are all we need to make a filling meal that makes all of us happy.

We like to use wood in our grill instead of chemical laden charcoal briquettes because it’s better for us and it has a better taste. It’s like campfire cooking but in a grill. We wait till the fire has died down and then cook over the coals. We also like to close the lid to let the food get that nice smoked taste. In the fall we will probably continue by doing a lot more open fire cooking.

Have you been grilling it up this summer as well? What’s cooking with you?


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