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Homemade Butter!

Do you know how super easy it is to make homemade butter? You don’t even have to have a cow or a local farm that sells raw milk to do it so us urban homesteaders can get in on the action too! All you need is some heavy whipping cream. That’s it, seriously!


Now, you can turn this cream into butter by whipping with a whisk or you can use an electric mixer. This will make a nice fluffy butter, but using the whisk can take a while and you may not own an electric mixer. However, for small batches, after seeing the mason jar method tried by fellow homesteading bloggers  Swamp Yankee Style and The Heathen Homesteader, I had to try it out. It’s super easy to make your own homemade butter in a mason jar!

imageSo here’s my jar with one pint of cream. You just put the lid on securely and shake the heck out of it! After a while it feels heavier, and you have whipped cream.

For butter, you just keep shaking for even longer, and eventually, it will feel heavy with solid chunks. Open it up and look and if you’ve shaken enough, you should see butter!

Thats absolutely all it takes and the butter is delicious and creamy. We loved it so much we decided to make larger batches, using a gallon jug, but it was taking a super long time once it reached the whipped cream stage so we moved it to a mixing bowel and beat it the rest of the way. The remaining liquid, we strained and added honey to use as a homemade coffee creamer. It is delicious as well.

Since its that easy to make our own yummy, homemade, made from scratch, additive free butter, we will be doing it a lot more often! image


9 thoughts on “Homemade Butter!

  1. I did this with some nursery children at a nursery a long time ago and they had a lot of fun shaking it until it became butter and then eating it on bread after they finished. It is fun to try, it takes a while but good to then enjoy after all the effort. And also nice to know that it hasn’t got any added extras in that you don’t want or know about in there. Nice read 🙂

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  2. Awesome. You know it’s funny I can’t believe I’ve never thought of making butter from cream I buy at the store – I was always thinking I needed raw milk and would therefore have to go out to a farmer to find it…oy!


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