7 Day Vegetarian Challenge Day 6: Can YOU GRILL IT?

For Day 6 we had veggie burgers so we decided to grill out on a charcoal grill…….big mistake in my opinion. Although the veggie burgers themselves were not too bad, the method of cooking didn’t suit them. They absorbed the charcoal taste that can sometimes compliment meat but on the veggie patties, it tasted more like licking a charcoal briquette. (Maybe it would have been better if we used wood instead of charcoal like we usually do but we were pressed for time. Big mistake!)  Ted is no stranger to the grill and has made us plenty of masterpieces with both meat and vegetables on the grill but he was severely disappointed  with the veggie burgers as well. He disliked that they didn’t give off that nice grilling aroma that wafts through the neighborhood when someone is grilling out.

They weren’t completely without merit. I think that they would probably taste pretty good baked in the oven. However I can’t emphasize enough what a dismal failure they were on the grill.

One more night to go! Tommorrow night were going to try something different.


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