7 Day Vegetarian Challenge: Day 5

Last night, for day five we made chili. Now making a vegetarian chili without a meat substitute is easy enough but we saw some veggie “beef” crumbles that we wanted to test out.

image.jpegWhen this stuff came out of the package, it looked and smelled like ground beef. It smelled pretty good frying up but once it thawed and started cooking it lost the appropriate texture. It still tasted pretty good though.

Then I added it to the chilli ingredients. It looked pretty good…

It didn’t taste all that great though. The “beef” crumbles didn’t absorb the flavorings the way the meat in chilli usually does so it was a huge spice bomb explosion! We would have been better off planning for a plain meatless chilli recipe without any type of meat substitute. My daughter was unable to handle the spiciest and opted for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich instead.

In conclusion, I liked the “beef” crumbles but they didn’t taste very good in chilli and I can’t think of much of anything else I would use them in. Any ideas?



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