7 Day Vegetarian Challenge: Day 2

Saturday was Day 2 of our 7 Day Vegetarian Challenge. For this day we ate 3 vegetarian meals that included a meat substitute.

Breakfast was eggs and cantaloupe with vege sausage and vege bacon.

The sausage had a very sticky consistency but it fried up pretty well in patty form. It smelled like sausage cooking thanks to the use of the same spices. The finished product looked a lot like a sausage patty and tasted somewhat like it. Although not that great to eat by itself, it would probably be good in a recipe. The bacon on the other hand………THAT WAS AN ABOMINATION! It didn’t look like bacon coming out of the package. It didn’t smell like bacon while frying and it didn’t taste like bacon either. It tasted something akin to dog treats and it’s texture was like rawhide. The family has mutually agreed to never speak of the vege bacon incident again.

For lunch we had Tofurkey sandwiches.

They were fairly decent. The texture was close to deli meat and the flavor was similar although they overcompensated with spices on the cracked pepper version we tried. With avacado and pepper jack cheese, it made a pretty tasty and filling sandwich though.

For dinner we had black bean burgers with Swiss cheese, quinoa, corn, and mushrooms and onions

The black bean burgers were AMAZING! They didn’t taste like any kind of meat but they were really good and really filling. Both Ted and I loved them. The Kiddo didn’t care for them much thou. We’ll try garden  vege burgers later this week and see if she likes those better.

This was also the first time I tried cooking quinoa. I made it in the rice cooker and it was pretty good.

Stay tuned for Day 3 of our 7 Day Vegetarian Challenge!


One thought on “7 Day Vegetarian Challenge: Day 2

  1. Vegetarian bacon is the worst! 🙂 You wouldn’t try to make non-alcoholic whisky. My wife and I were vegetarian teenagers up to our early twenties. My wife ( and thus me and the 3 kids on and off) has been following a vegan lifestyle for the last few months. In my experience veggie products that try to be meat are generally pretty poor and are best avoided. It’s better to embrace veggie dishes in their own right. Chilli and curries are great to do as vegetable dishes. We have found a few good recipes in this book: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Keep-Vegan-simple-healthy-delicious/dp/0857832522. Also in the UK, Quorn pieces and Quorn mince are a great way of bumping up the protein when people are a bit fed up of beans (http://www.quorn.co.uk/vegan/). We kept eating Quorn even when we fell off the vegetarian waggon. Not sure if you can get it where you are though. Good luck with your week. Treat yourself to a steak at the end of it 😉

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