7 Day Vegetarian Challenge:Day 1

There’s something you should know about our family. We are FAR from being vegetarians! On occasion we may have a meatless meal like when we do our monthly raw night but most meals in our house center around the traditional meat and two sides kind of dinner. My husband especially is a big meat eater. One of his favorite dinners is to simply fry up a pound of hamburger in pattie form and eat them with steak sauce. We’re trying to change the way we eat to be healthier though and we’ve heard time and again that a vegetarian diet can be healthier for you as well as good for the environment and merciful to your wallet so we decided to give it a try. Obviously, meat substitutes are not the only way to eat vegetarian, but we figured they’d be a good place to start. So our family will be eating only vegetarian meals for the next week and along the way we will be reviewing the meat substitutes that we try.

For our first meal we thought we’d try something convenient and easy”chicken” nuggets. We haven’t eaten chicken nuggets in years knowing how they’re made and how horrible they are for you, but we hadn’t found an acceptable substitute. We found these  in the frozen food isle at our local grocery store:



Here’s the meal we made with them

Vege “chicken” nuggets, sautéed kale, and corn on the cob


The nuggets were decent. They were easy to prepare, their preperation and cook time being comparable to their meat counterpart. They smelled about like I remember frozen chicken nuggets smelling too. Now for the ultimate test: feeding the nuggets to our hungry family.


How did they taste? Not quite like chicken nuggets in my opinion but close to some of the low quality freezer brands that one can buy. My 9 year old who tends to be picky found them “acceptable bu not super delicious” althouh she did say that she would be interested in having them again on occasion as a replacement for the chicken nuggets that we no longer let her have. The baby happily gummed one but we haven’t found much that he doesn’t like yet. As for Ted, he found the nuggets to be edible but he wasnt thrilled by them. To be honest I wasn’t either but I’d never been a big fan of chicken nuggets either.

Would we buy them again? As an occasional snack for the kids maybe, but I don’t see them asking into our meal rotation.

Stay tuned for day 2 where we cover three vegetarian meals and more meat replacement products for our 7 Day Vegetarian Challenge!


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