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The Art of the Leftover

No sense in letting good food go to waste. Leftovers are economical for you and better for the environment than throwing out your extra food. Even if you don’t have enough to make a full dinner, that doesn’t doom your leftover food to the garbage bin or compost pile. You can use little bits of this and that in a leftovers recipe such as fried rice or an omelette. For example, here’s some of our leftovers from last week:

Last week’s leftovers: peppers from raw night, onions and tomato from tacos, and a bratwurst from our sausage dogs

To make a delicious omelette, first I sautéed these in a little olive oil. I added the tomatoes last so they didn’t overcook.

Then I beat some eggs  with some milk and poured it over the veges and sausage.

Once the eggs had cooked up I added shredded cheese and let it cook until all the cheese was melted. The end result was phenomenal!

This is of course just one of many ways to eat leftovers. Do you have a favorite leftovers recipe? Share with us in the comments!





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