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Raw: It’s What’s For Dinner


It started out as our typical Friday night conversation:

“What do you want to eat tonight?”

“I dunno know what do you want?”

We all know how that conversation can go and how it can continue without resolution forever! Nobody felt like cooking but we didn’t really want to eat out. We agreed we didn’t want fast food but we couldn’t agree on anything we could buy at the store. We were this close to pigging out on ice cream and cold cereal and calling it dinner…Then from the depths of the back seat comes a voice of reason to save the day.

“Guys, I’m really just craving a crapload of fresh fruits and vegetables,” my 9 year old says. (Yes, we have potty mouths but she eats her veges 😛 ) Thus the idea for raw night was born!
We went to the grocery store and bought several types of fruit (bananas, apples, and honeydew melon this time) and vegetables (cauliflower, radishes, cucumbers and tomatoes-yes I know tomatoes are technically a fruit but they taste good with hummus so they’re on the vege plate!….) We also bought some hummus. When we got home, we cut up the fruits and veges, brought it to the table with the hummus, honey for drizzling on fruit, and our glasses of ice water and that was it! Friday night dinner with very little prep, no need of a stove or refrigerator and everyone was happy.

Thanks to the hummus and cauliflower, the meal was surprisingly filling without the need for any meat or dairy. We found out that my 9 year old loves radishes (because they “taste like the earth” ) and even the baby got to enjoy some mashed up fruit and hummus which he absolutely loved. It was such a hit we’re considering making this a regular thing. Once a month we will have raw night where we eat nothing but simple raw foods. Our family is not ready to go full on paleo. I love my dairy and baked goods a little too much for that, but having raw night every once in a while is good for us and would be a great way for any family to have a cheap, fast, simple and healthy meal.

Have you ever had a “raw night?” What fruit or vegetable combos would you recommend for us next time?


7 thoughts on “Raw: It’s What’s For Dinner

  1. If you aren’t allergic – A peanut, dandelion and pansy flower green salad with some sliced avocado and olive oil as the dressing. You can add a little sea salt if desired.

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  2. This sounds so delicious! I LOVE raw veggies and fruits! Though I think my husband would demand some sort of meat if I brought up raw night. Maybe we will throw in sushi 😉 (though that would defeat the whole “cheap” thing!)

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  3. This weekend I had my 4 grandchildren, ages 1,3,6,8 for a sleepover to give Mom and Dad a break. Simple for meals is an absolute necessity so we had a picnic style lunch of cheese, red grapes, crackers, sliced bananas and some pbj sandwiches. They enjoyed it and I enjoyed no cooking!


  4. I have been following the 28 day cleanse featured in Medical Medium, which is very simply raw fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds, and it can get sort of boring so the other day when everyone was having cheesecake I mixed a half a banana, a tablespoon of wonderful smelling coconut oil, and some dried coconut shreds. I mashed them together and . . . YUM! It tasted sort of like coconut cream pie! I enjoyed my dessert and stayed within the parameters of the cleanse.

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