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Making Our Own Furniture

Furniture that is both affordable and of sound quality is hard to come by. Big box retailers sell cheap fixes that are functional but lack the sturdiness needed to last an active family with children. Furniture stores may have more rugged options but the price tag is often more than we can afford. This leaves us with the thrifty options of yard sales, curbside freebies, and second hand shops. We have snagged some great treasures using these methods but they’re all luck of the draw. Some times we feel like we’ve struck gold and others either leave us empty handed or we later realize that a piece we intended to restore is going to take more time, money, or specialty skills than we possess.

So we decided to start making some off our own furniture. Before this, we had made shelves and a table but this is the most advanced project we have attempted: A bed frame! So how did we make it? Well…By saying “we” I really mean, my husband. He did the majority of the planning and the subsequent work. So I consulted him and found out how he did it. Hopefully some of you handy men and women can take inspiration from this project.

  1. Plan it Out!

    These are designs that Ted drew up on the computer when planning out the bed frame. Don’t go into a project like this half cocked and DO NOT WING IT! If you know what you need and exactly what your final product should look like you will spend less money on unnecessary hardware while being sure to have exactly what you need when you need it. You will also be more likely to finish the project since you know what direction you are going in.

  2. Gather your materials

Ted went to Lowes and got all the materials we needed. The tools we knew we’d need such as the drill, saw, and screwdrivers, we kept nearby for easy access.


3. Get it Done!

These pictures show the progression of the work which we completed in just one night. We prefer to choose a time for a project when we have time to do it from start to finish. This insures the project will really get done rather than sitting around unfinished for days or weeks. (Of course it helped that this is the bed we sleep on so the priority of finishing was pretty high.)

4. Admire Your Work!

These are the before and after pics of our mattress on the floor and then in our nice new bed frame. It’s not fancy and we still need to stain it but it’s a definite improvement and it sleeps great! This cost us about 175 to build, a bit pricey for a DIY project but much sturdier than anything we could buy for that price.

What handyman projects have you guys been up to?


One thought on “Making Our Own Furniture

  1. Love this! Much better than going to the furniture store and financing furniture that breaks down before it’s paid off. Your bed and the pride of designing and building it yourself will last forever!

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