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Recipe Time! Sun Tea




This is so simple that you can barely call it a recipe but there are actually people out there that have never heard of sun tea so I wanted to share my favorite sunny day treat!

You will need:

  • A large transparent jug, jar, or pitcher (glass works best but we reused these clear plastic juice bottles and they worked just fine.)
  • water
  • tea bags ( I used 4 regular sized bags per jug)
  • Sunlight


  • lemons
  • honey


  1. Fill the jugs with cold water.
  2. Add your tea bags
  3. Sit out in a clean, sunny spot to brew
  4.  Bring in when tea has reached desirable color/strength
  5. Add sliced lemons and honey to taste if desired (but  it tastes great even without it!)
  6. pour over ice (or drink warm or room temperature. It’s all good!)

That’s it! That’s absolutely all you need to do to make this simple and delicious drink. If you’ve never tried sun tea before, you need to try this! Not only is it easy, but to me it tastes better than tea that you make any other way. The sun just does something to the flavor. If you have had sun tea before, I’m sure I’ve got your mouth watering, so go on and make you a jar.




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