Homeschool Activity: First of Octember List

10632607_353714691468861_3580842530164896464_nThis is a simple but fun activity to encourage writing skills and imagination in your child.


1. The Book, Please Try to Remember the First of Octember, by Dr Suess.


the First of Octember list

Paper. I made a long scroll so it could be a long roll down list like the pictures in the book. The colorful yarn in the top photo was used to tie the scroll. I decorated the one I made but your child could decorate their own.


3. A Pencil or Other Writing Utensil. You may want to use a special fancy pen just for this activity.


Read the story, “Please Try to Remember the First of Octember” by Dr Suess with your child. In this story, a young boy is told that he can have anything he wants and goes on to list all kinds of wondrous things he can have, provided he wait until the First of Octember for them. Discuss the book with your child, making sure they understand that Octember is imaginary. Discuss why the boy may not be able to have some of the things. Ask for creative input from your child on ways he might be able to get some of the things mentioned in the book.

Ask your child  to pretend that The First of Octember is a real time when they can get anything and everything they want. What would they wish for? Let them use their imagination and brainstorm ideas. Go back to the page where the boy is writing his list. Present the child with the paper and writing utensil and tell them you want them to write down what they would want on the First of Octember just like the boy in the story. For a younger, pre-literate child, they could draw pictures or use their own creative pre-writing marks. For a child who is learning how to write, this is a good time to practice their writing skills.

Although this activity is short and simple, I think it’s a good fit for homeschoolers or as a supplemental activity because it encourages the use of imagination as well as facilitates literacy skills practices.

Hope everyone enjoyed this post. Later this week I will be posting again, this time with an awesome DIY furniture tutorial for making a king size bedframe. Keep an eye out for it and stay tuned for many more articles on  homesteading, prepping, natural living and more right here on Naturally Independent!



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