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Homeschool Activity: Phonetic Bingo


First, let me start by saying that I do not currently homeschool my children in the given sense of the word, though that is a future goal of mine. In the meantime, as both a mother and a preschool teacher, I still like to be  actively engaged in my children’s learning. I would like to start gathering resources and activities that could be used for homeschooling in the future. This is one such activity that I designed for a preschooler who was an emergent reader that could be used as a homeschool activity or as a fun supplemental activity for your children if you do not homeschool.



Phonetic Bingo


  • A beginning reader’s word family book such as Jen the Hen by Colin Hawkins
  • 2 game cards with words from the word family (as pictured above) They last longer if you laminate or use a sturdy material such as cardboard or cardstock
  • bag of tokens to cover the words. I used laminated paper circles but you could use pennies, pebbles, buttons, or anything you like
  • Word cards-write the words chosen on index cards or other small sturdy paper

How to Play:

Read the book with your child, pointing out how the words sound the same and have the same letters. Let your child get comfortable with reading the words on sight.

  • Level One (Beginner): Play with one card. Draw the word cards one at a time and say the word out loud. Help your child find the word on the game card and cover it with a token. You both win when the entire game card has been covered.

    Level Two (Independent): Draw a word card and say the word out loud but don’t show it to your child. Let your child find the correct word on the game card and cover it. They win when they have covered three in a row.

  • Level Three (competitive) Play with two game cards, one for you and one for your child. Take turns drawing cards and saying the word out loud, then you both search for it and cover the word on their game card. The first to get three in a row wins.

Hopefully this activity is helpful to someone who reads this. I certainly enjoyed making it! If you homeschool, let me know what you think of this activity. I’d also love some tips on homeschooling in general.

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