Homesite Update #1

This past weekend, Ted went out to our land to see what needs to be done. It needs a lot of work but we’re looking forward to it.

The whole place was really overgrown so the first order of business was to clear out some of the brush, giving us room to work. Ted made a afire to burn it off.

Always be careful when working with fire! You’ll want to make sure your fire doesn’t get out of hand and be aware of any applicable burning ordinances in your area. (If you don’t, and you get caught, you didn’t get the idea from us! 😛 )

There were some nice tree saplings that we wanted to save for future use instead of burning, so we transplanted them to a different location. Later this week, I will post our first tutorial on transplanting saplings.



There is the shell of an old burnt down mobile home on the land that we will need to remove before we build our own home. We have already begun the process of tearing it down but may want to rent a Bobcat to help speed things up.


Our current goal is to have the land cleared off enough to camp on once the weather is warm enough so we can spend more time out there working!

Stay tuned for more updates on our home-site as well as future articles on homesteading, prepping and self sufficiency here on Naturally Independent!



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